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COMMON RAIL INJECTORS In January our Bosch EPS200 Common Rail test equipment was commissioned, the first and only unit in the South Island to date. This allows us to comprehensively test common rail injectors for:

  • Leakage
  • Nozzle tip leakage
  • Idle and full load flows
  • Backflow quantity
  • Electrical chatter test.
Helping ensure maximum engine HP output, economy and the unnecessary replacement of serviceable units. With the increasing numbers of common rail vehicles on the roads, and the growing trend towards common rail engines, the EPS200 will prove a valuable asset for our customers, testing will enable them to eliminate injector faults when diagnosing vehicles, and or the unnecessary replacement of serviceable units at the time of engine overhaul. assuring maximum HP output.


TWO SPRING INJECTORS The EPS200 also allows a full leakage test, spray pattern check and the verification of the 1st and 2nd opening pressures of two spring injectors that were previously unable to be tested due to their design. We have also found it necessary to flow test these injectors as experience has shown that pop testing on a standard injector tester will fail to prove wether an injector is suitable for further service. This is especially true when looking for a lack of power complaint.


DENSO V3 fitted to Toyota 2LTE, 1KZTE, 5LE and 3CTE engines. J E Paisley have recently completed the factory training and invested in the service tools and test equipment necessary to fully overhaul and test Denso V3 resistor and ROM pumps. Now these pumps are able to be stripped, clean, re-kited and tested at realistic prices.


Petrol Injectors and Turbochargers: Remember we also offer a full petrol injector testing and cleaning service, along with turbocharger overhauls, balancing and spare parts supply.


DELPHI DP210 DYNAMIC TIMING As the most southern authorised Delphi DP210 service dealer, we can offer DP210 dynamic timing. The timing of these pumps requires specialized dynamic timing equipment in order to achieve the high level of timing accuracy necessary for optimum engine output.

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